1. Which insurance and business lines does D+WC service?

D+WC’s experience and expertise spans virtually every insurance line including

• Workers’ Compensation/WC
• Automobile Liability
• Medicare
• Medicaid
• Disability & Life Insurance
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Group Health Plans
• Occupational Safety & Health Administration/OSHA
• State & Federal Agencies
• Americans with Disabilities Act/ADA
• Family Medical Leave Act/FMLA
• Longshoreman & Railroad Workers

2. Are D+WC physical therapy, occupational, ergonomic and disability experts available to both defense and plaintiff legal counsel?                                                                                                                                                     

Yes, our experts testify to the facts of a given case or project therefore, they are available to both defense and plaintiff counsel.  Our experts are independent, unbiased, fair and objective professionals guided by evidence-based standards of care.  The facts of an individual case determines which side of a case our experts employ their independent evidence-based opinions.

It is not unusual for our experts to be approached by both sides of a case. 

3. How can D+WC assist in disability resolution?

 D+WC offers proven solutions across the entire disability spectrum from injury prevention to case management and forensics.

D+WC provides independent analysis and expert reports addressing impairment and disability issues. We offer medico-legal support including, expert testimony, ergonomic analysis, employee & management education & training services, and complex disability case analysis followed by function-based recommendations.

4. Does D+WC provide disability prevention services?

D+WC provides on-site ergonomic analysis and recommendations for virtually every neuromuscular condition associated with worksite stressors & risk factors. Our ERGOMED PROGRAM™ blends administrative and engineering controls before an injury or prior to RTW. We assess worker and worksite risk variables.

5. Does D+WC review medical records to determine medically necessary and reasonable care?

D+WC consultants possess the necessary credentials to review medical records and providesexpert opinions based on evidence-based medicine within reasonable medical certainty.

D+WC experts stand behind their professional opinions by providing testimony from deposition to federal court. Experts are experienced in contrasting & comparing a specific case’s treatment trajectory to nationally accepted guidelines.  

6. Does D+WC provide ergonomic analysis and recommendations?

D+WC experts have provided ergonomic services within the following industries:  beef and poultry, electronics, construction materials manufacturers, packaging, chemical leaders, insurance companies, food distribution, aeronautical, warehouse operations. OSHA abatement programs are available for cumulative trauma associated with manual material handling and sedentary work, e.g. computer station design.

7. Do D+WC’s  experts provide medico-legal testimony?

D+WC associates provide expert medical testimony based upon evidence-based practice standards & guidelines in support of written professional reports/opinions. D+WC is able to retain specialists in virtually every consulting category associated with workers; compensation and disability management.

8. Does D+WC  provide education/training services to employees?

D+WC provides educational and training modules designed to prevent employee work-related injuries. We provide Back schools, cumulative trauma/repetitive strain workshops, ergonomic and biomechanics programs, therapeutic exercises and fitness classes.

D+WC also provides management level programs as well.

9. Can D+WC assist in with provider credentialing and network development?

D+WC can assist Provider Organizations, Health Plans and Multi-State Employers in the development and assessment of physical rehabilitation provider networks that effectively address disability and work-related injuries producing favorable clinical outcomes.

10. Does D+WC develop turn-key disability management programs for its clients?

Yes, we can customize disability management programs that our clients (typically providers, insurers, employers) can self-administer. 

11. How do I determine if D+WC can assist me in a case?

Pick up the telephone and call XXX-XXX-XXXX just ask to speak with a case coordinator or physical therapist. D+WC serves in a triage fashion to direct our clients towards the most appropriate service that promises the optimal outcome.

12. How do I make a referral?

Complete the Contact/Referral form found on D+WC’s website. Call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX should you still have questions. 

13.  Who are D+WC’s experts?

D+WC’s experts are physical therapists, occupational therapists, ergonomists and disability managers. One of our differentiators the ability to identify, recruit and provide experts who first and foremost are respected by their peers. Although many of our experts are providers they are also talented disability managers  who possess “big picture” vision.

14. What is the return-on-investment of D+WC’s services?

Return-on-investment for our clients is secondary to providing evidence-based solutions to disability prevention, management and forensic. D+WC believes in doing the right thing first not, after all of the wrong things have been done. Our programs do produce significant ROI when employed at the right time along the disability continuum.

ROI calculations significantly vary between disability prevention-management-forensic programs. Please review the Case Studies on D+WC’s website.

15. Where can D+WC deliver it’s services?

We have local-regional and national experts who are available to handle a disability issue remotely or on-site at a client’s chosen location. International services are available and determined by the nature & scope of the project.

16. What content expertise do physical therapists’ contribute in workers’ compensation and disability challenges?

Physical therapists and occupational therapists are the FUNCTIONAL experts who are well positioned to assess disability and ability, to link impairments with disability, to safely match worker functionality to worksite demands, identify functional limitations and reasonable accommodations vital to return-to-work transition. 

Therapists also serve as functional medico-legal experts.

17. Does D+WC offer any on-site auditing services?

Yes, our experts have done skilled nursing facility audits on behalf of responsible provider organizations who considered audits as “Attorney Privileged Work Products” (CareAware™). D+WC has provided health care companies several services similar to “Mystery Shopper” and “Undercover Patient”.  Fraud investigations often require these more aggressive strategies.

D+WC experts also routinely speak with treating providers about individual cases when medical necessity of services is an issue.

18. Does D+WC develop educational and training programs for its clients?

Yes, we can develop and provide customized programs that serve to empower our clients with proven strategies to prevent and manage disability. D+WC’s founder, David W. Clifton was a certified teacher before going on to graduate physical therapy training. He has alos served as an Adjunct Professor in three graduate PT programs.  David strenuously believes that education is the bedrock that anchors all professions especially, healthcare. Our educational programs span a range of media; live on-site, webinars, podcast, video and written materials.

19. Why does D+WC not publish its fee schedule?

D+WC offers disability prevention, management and review services that are customized to the needs of a diverse client mix. Since we do not use a “one size fits all” approach to disability, our fees vary depending upon the unique problem brought to our attention. D+WC does adhere to statutory fee schedules as promulgated by workers’ compensation law, benefit plans and other regulatory, legal and governmental authorities.

20. Does D+WC provide speakers for insurance, employer, government and other professional groups, conferences and meetings? 

D+WC maintains a fee-based speakers’ bureau and can provide subject and content expertise across virtually and insurance and business lines. Our Legacy of Learning™ program consists of a virtual compendium of disability and workers compensation topics.

21. Does D+WC collaborate with competitors?

We view our competitors as potential partners when they possess programs and skill sets that can augment our strengths. Strategic partnering is the mantra for the transformation of healthcare. Together we can be even greater disruptors of the market.